5 Iconic Movie Dresses of All Time

iconic-movie-dressesNeed some inspiration for the styling scheme of 2014? What do you think about getting some much needed ideas from the 5 iconic movie dresses of all time? Learn how to mix the perfect fashion ingredients in order to become stylish, elegant and hot.

#1 Marilyn Monroe Hot in White


The first choice of iconic movie dresses is the piece Marilyn Monroe wore over a subway grate in “The Seven Year Itch” (1975), a dress which became in time the centerpiece of one of the most reproduced image in film history. The dress was specially designed by William Travilla to accentuate Marilyn generous bosom and her beautiful legs. The last recorded price of this iconic movie dress was $5.6 million at an auction back in 2011.

#2 Keira Knightley Beautiful in Green


Here comes the second choice of iconic movie dresses, the dress which Keira Knightley wore in in the super-sexy scene against the bookshelf with James McAvoy. We are talking about the movie “Atonement”. This floor-sweeping, slinky ‘40s evening gown was designed by Jacqueline Durran and it represents the perfect choice for a slim woman like Keira.

#3 Sexy Red for Julia Roberts


We have all seen “Pretty Woman” which is a favorite for those girls out there who still dream about their own Prince Charming fairytale. Julia Roberts’s character in the movie, Vivian, transformed from the cheap look of a hooker to that of a perfect lady with the help of this gorgeously draped, shoulder-revealing red dress designed by Marilyn Vance. The designer revealed later that the initial choice of dress for this scene was a common, black dress. It seemed that the red dress proved to be the best as Edward and the entire world fell in love with the woman in red.

#4 Elegant Kate Winslet


Though this iconic movie dress is one of the most elegant pieces we have ever seen in a movie, this piece is also named “suicide jump dress”, describing the scene for which it was used when Rose, the character of Kate Winslet in “Titanic”, wanted to kill herself by jumping from the ship. Thankfully, Jack came in time to save the beautiful demoiselle in distress and the elegant dress. Designed by Deborah Lynn Scott, the iconic movie dress was created of red silk satin and embellished with an overskirt of jet-black beads and black lace and tulle.

#5 Greek Goddess Grace Kellly


The last, but not least iconic movie dress is the piece Grace Kelly wore in the movie “To Catch a Thief”.  The actress simply glowed in this wispy, ice-blue chiffon cocktail dress signed Edith Head.

Now, here’s our question: what is your favorite movie dress?

Source and photos: Glo.com and marieclaire.com.

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