5 Amazing Facts About Crows

5 Amazing Facts About Crows

For millennia humans have looked upon crows as mysterious but highly intelligent birds. Crows are part of the Corvidae family (which includes ravens as well) and can be found all over the world except southern S. America, the Poles and various islands.

American Crow


1. Are some of the smartest of all animals

Crows brain-to-body ratio is equivalent to that of a chimpanzee and amazingly, not far off that of a human. Also, a study realized by a team of behavioral biologists in 2013 had demonstrated that even they have different brains from those of primates the cells regulating decision-making are very similar.

 2. They are able to remember particular people and even particular faces

A 2011 study showed that crows are able to recognize and react to different human faces. If someone hurts them they are able to remember the face of that person for up to five years. Even more interesting (or scary) is that they bring their relatives and even strangers to mob the undesirable person. They even can tell future generations about that ‘’unfortunate’’ human being. As you can see it is enough to bother or hurt a single crow to become a target of attack throughout an entire crow community

3. They are the only non-primate species known to make tools
Crows use various tools to retrieve food from hidden places or solve problems. Amazingly, if the proper tool is not at their disposal, they can actually make one to suit the job (for example they carve thin strips of wood into skewers and bend wires into hooks.

Even ancient Greeks were familiar with the crows’ impressive mental capacity. In one of Aesop’s fables – “The Crow and the Pitcher” – a crow wanted a drink of water, but was unable to reach down into the pitcher. Rather than give up the smart bird started to drop pebble after pebble into the pitcher until the water level rose high enough for it to have a drink. Although the fable is a 2600-year-old story it turns out, there’s some truth to it. A study published last year reported that New Caledonian crows will place rocks in water-filled tubes if they can’t reach a piece of meat that is attached to a floating cork.

4. They have an incredible adaptive behaviour

Unlike the vast majority of birds crows don’t fear humans- actually they often use our world to their advantage. For example they might memorize routes of garbage truck so they can get easy access to the food waste contained within or even crack walnuts by dropping them from the exact height needed to bust them open on the pavement.

5. They have a varied and evolved language

Living in colonies that can reach thousands of specimens crows have developed advanced methods of communication one with other. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that crows have regional dialects, meaning that they have an actual language.


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