40 Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes To Copy And Make Everyone Jealous

40 Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes To Copy And Make Everyone Jealous

40. Kylie & Tyga as Skeletons


Although this celebrity couple are no longer together, they sure knew how to coordinate an awesome Halloween costume. This is the perfect example of how to do sexy-scary. All you need is some trendy black clothing and some white and black makeup–boom, you’re party ready.

39. Barbie & Comic Gal


Hailey Baldwin has been all over the news as of late due to her recent engagement and shotgun wedding to heartthrob Justin Bieber. Not only does she have the life every little girl dreams of, but she also knows how to kill Halloween. Simple and classic, this barbie costume is comfy-cute.

38. GiGi Hadid As Sandy


It’s no surprise that model GiGi Hadid looks incredible, as she could wear a paper bag and make it look stunning. But what is surprising is how much she actually looks like Sandy from the movie Grease. She should probably wear this every year.

37. Rhianna As Bam Bam


Rhianna recently attended a costume party, proving she is probably the best Bam Bam we’ve ever seen. Best of all, you could probably make this costume yourself.

36. Kylie as Xtina


Kylie Jenner showed us how to recreate one of Christina Aguilera’s most iconic looks from her 2002 hit song and music video, “Dirrty”. Kylie killed this look as she was almost identical to the original outfit, from the multicolored hair down to the leather pants.

35. Zendaya 2016


Actress and singer Zendaya debuted a creepy yet sexy Halloween look in 2016 and it’s still one of the best celebrity costumes we’ve seen. The dedication to the look pulled the entire thing together, especially the creepy contacts.

34. Chanel Iman the Mummy


International model Chanel Iman is the prettiest mummy we’ve ever seen, I mean just look at her. The costume is sexy and fun, and you guessed it–can easily be replicated. Which is why it made our list as one of the best costumes to copy.

33. Jenna Dewan


Unicorn costumes can be hard to get right, especially because most horse-like costumes aren’t the most flattering. But here we see actress and dancer Jenna Dewan shows us how it’s done.

32. Ashley Madekwe as Cher


Nigerian-British actress Ashley Madekwe is one of the best Cher impersonators we’ve seen so far. She’s got the outfit down pat, looking like she walked straight out of the movie Clueless. Her friend even dressed up as Dionne!

31. Victoria Justice as Beattlejuice


American actress and singer Victoria Justice definitely does the female Beattlejuice justice! She brought the sexy back when it comes to this character.

30. Sarah Hyland as Marie


Perhaps the cutest costume on this list, Sarah Hyland shows us how to spice up the boring cat costume. Instead of the black cat we see hundreds of every year, she decided to be Marie from the 1970 Disney movie the Aristocats. The American actress did a wonderful job translating the sassy baby kitten into a real life costume.

29. Miley Cyrus as Lil’ Kim


Miley Cyrus is known for her outrageous outfits while preforming, but here she shows us one of the best Halloween costumes of all time. She wen’t all out to dress up as Lil’ Kim from the 1999 VMA’s red carpet, and she killed it. So much so, it’s sparked a revival in the Lil’ Kim costumes on websites everywhere.

28. Cardi as Cruella de Vil


Our girl Cardi showed everyone that a Cruella de Vil costume is still one of the best classic costumes to rock. Just look at her, she’s a diva. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us this year.

27. Kim Kardashian and Jonathan Cheban


This celebrity friendship is one we all know all too well, and love of course. Especially when they coordinate their costumes. Kim is vocal about her love of pop star Cher and here we see the duo dressed as the pop-star and her late husband, Sonny.

26. Kendall Jenner as a PowerPuff Girl


Kendall Jenner stepped out as Buttercup, the green Powerpuff girl, last year and it’s one of the best costumes she’s worn yet. Hailey Baldwin follows her lead dressed as the blue Powerpuff, Bubbles, making their costumes even more badass. We hope to see many trios dressed as these superheros this year.

25. Amal Clooney


We’ve all seen 70’s costumes, and they can be corny. Amal Clooney shows us how its really done in this elegant yet totally groovy head-to-toe 70’s outfit. She could wear this any day of the week and still end up on the best dressed list. Best of all, you could probably throw something like this together–just go through your mom’s closet!

24. Alessandra Ambrosio’s Take On Cher


Another Cher costume that we absolutely love, and for good reason, is Alessandra Ambrosio’s outfit last year. The international super model showed off her tightly toned bod in this retro fit and it had everyone admiring! Let’s get real, those pants are to die for.

23. Nicole Scherzinger as Cleopatra


Cleopatra costumes seem to always make their debut on Halloween, but few do it as well as Nicole Scherzinger did last year. Dripping in gold, this singer had everything on point, from her make-up to her bronzed glow.

22. Demi Lovato as Selena Quintanilla


Last year we also saw Demi Lovato make a statement as she killed this Selena impersonation. Her body looks bangin’ in this sparkly jumpsuit so famously known as Selena’s look. Although the original had sleeves and a higher neckline, we’re here for this modern version.

21. Heidi Klum…Believe It Or Not


Heidi Klum is the queen of Halloween, outdoing herself year after year. Don’t believe me? Take a look at her 2017 costume. Yep, that’s the famous supermodel dressed up as the werewolf from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video.

20. Michael Kors as the Garden of Eden


The fashion icon Michael Kors, who just recently acquired Versace, showed us how to make an apple suit look luxurious. He is the physical representation of the infamous story with the snake necklace and devilish mask.

19. Bruce Willis & Assistant


Bruce Willis and his assistant killed it when it comes to memorable Halloween costumes when they debuted the party scene as the twins from the The Shining. Clearly, nobody will be able to unsee this hysterical duo.

18. Izabel Goulart as Freida


Brazilian model Izabel Goulart looked stunning in this Freida inspired costume, although we will say she is missing the iconic unibrow the artist was so famously known-for. I guess she wanted to keep it cute instead of historically accurate. Regardless, she looked good and so can you.

17. Halsey as Kill Bill


Kill Bill is one of the most famous assassin movies of all time thanks to Uma Thurman’s ultra sexy way of murdering people (if there is such a thing), which is why it just so happens to make a perfect Halloween costume. As you can see here, singer Halsey rocks a perfect interpretation of the famous yellow jumpsuit.

16. Christian Siriano and Brad Walsh


This has to be one of the best couples costumes of all time–how can you top this?! Designer Christian Siriano and singer/producer Brad Walsh brought Picasso’s paintings to life and most likely won best costumes of the night. I mean, how could they not. The longer you look at them the more interesting they become.

15. Bette Midler In Character


Bette Midler did us all a favor when she jumped back into her character Winifred from the hit 1993 movie Hocus Pocus. Fans all around enjoyed this more than she will ever know.

14. Heidi Klum as Jessica Rabbit


We told you Heidi Klum was the queen of Halloween, and if this isn’t enough proof we don’t know what is. She spent days getting the prosthetic’s just right, and that she did. She successfully brought the cartoon to life leaving many wondering who it actually was.

13. Natalia Vodianova as a Balloon Animal


Inspired by American artist Jeff Koons, Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova decided to go as one of his famous balloon animals, creating one of the most interesting and unique celebrity costumes. Although we’re not sure what type of animal she is trying to be, it doesn’t really matter. Just look at that costume!

12. Zombie Zac Posen


Zac Posen did a zombie so well you almost can’t tell it’s him! Take some notes from this famous fashion designer and throw something together from your own closet. Just make sure the make-up is just right and you’re in the running for the best costume of the night.

11. Beyonce & Family


Beyonce, Jay-z, and daughter Blue Ivy rocked this Barbie and Ken inspired trio. Beyonce could literally wear anything and make it look spectacular, and her mini-me is just as cute as can be. A perfect idea for family costumes.

10. Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom


Costumes with masks as the focal point usually look tacky and unrealistic, but in this case, it’s pretty awesome. Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry got it right when it comes to Halloween masks, these make you do a double take! Bill and Hilary or Orlando and Katy? It’s hard to tell.

9. Cindy Crawford as a Hell’s Angel


Cindy Crawford could wear anything and make it look good, but we chose this costume because you can easily replicate it. Chances are you have everything you need in your closet, or your local thrift store. You might even be able to rummage through your friends closets and find an outfit that works. Not only that, but it’s fun and perfect for the occasion.

8. Heidi Klum..Once Again


We weren’t kidding. This woman knows what she’s doing when it comes to costumes. Here she is as a butterfly–one of the most intense butterfly costumes we’ve ever seen. Those wings are enormous, but you could make your own paired down version pretty easily.

7. Kate Moss as Cara Delevingne


This costume tops the list at one of the most interesting because it’s a supermodel, dressing up as another supermodel. Simple, easy, yet spot on. Costumes like this are great because once again, you don’t have to spend a million dollars on your outfit. So if you’re thinking about dressing up as someone instead of a character, make sure you choose their signature outfit.

6. Rhianna as a Zombie Gangster


We’ve seen plenty of gangster costumes, but we’ve never seen a zombie gangster quite like Rhianna’s. A perfect example of how to mix up some of the more stereotypical Halloween costumes. Try combining two different costumes into one for a unique twist this year.

5. Emma Roberts as Her Aunt


Pretty Woman is a classic movie, and Julia Roberts is an American icon when it comes to actresses. Which is why we’re dying for Emma Roberts, her niece, dressed up as her character Vivian. This subtle yet noteworthy costume will definitely start conversations at any Halloween party.

4. Gwen Stefani as Cinderella


Now, there is nothing wrong with the go-to sexy Halloween costume (we love it, and always will), but there is something to be said when someone goes all out, creating a costume that feels like it’s straight out of a movie. Gwen Stefani as Cinderella is as close to a cartoon coming to life as humanly possible and we’re here for it.

3. Matthew McConaughey


We all need some humor in our lives (especially right now with the current political climate in the US) and costumes like this are just what the doctor ordered. As you can see here, Matthew McConaughey as the headless horseman. Pure comedy.

2. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen as Your Favorite Breakfast


They better have won best couples costume, because avocado toast is clearly a winner. Just look how cute they are, and how perfectly toasted the toast is. Innocent, fun, and pure. What more could you ask for.

1. Kylie Jenner and Bestie Jordan


A devil and angel duo never looked so good, seriously. What makes this couples costume, yes I said couple, they’re open about their friendship marriage, is the intense makeup, and not to mention the giant wings.

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