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One of the pleasures of travel is discovering a place you haven’t been before. Unfortunately, on many trips you are not alone. The crowds at the Louvre can be 12-deep. Craning your neck around a group of tourists and squinting one eye is not exactly the way you want to experience the Mona Lisa. If you are planning a trip this year, why not considering going somewhere off the beaten path? This collection of suggestions highlights out-of-the-way places where tourists are rarely seen.  BOETTCHERSTRASSE, GERMANY When traveling in Germany, do not pass up the chance to visit Bremen. There you can experience the incredible Boettcherstrassse, a street in the middle of town. The street is only 330 feet long, but it includes some amazing architecture. A coffee trader and business magnate named Ludwig Roselius commissioned many of the city’s buildings, most of which were built between 1922 and 1931. Roselius commissioned 10 Expressionist buildings, each unique, to line Boettcherstrassse. The Haus Atlantis has the futuristic look of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis is constructed of glass, steel and concrete. In contrast, the Paula Modersohn-Becker-Haus, which was built to celebrate the painter Paula Modersohn-Becker. The external brick walls are a study in handmade construction and organic artisan work. The interiors of the buildings are also amazing. YZAD IRAN Travelers with a taste for adventure and a hint of danger will fall for Yazd, Iran. This town in the southeastern part of the country is dusty, hot and teeming with amazing cultural experiences and friendly locals. Visitors are thrilled b the Amir Chakhmagh complex, which are large archways that dominate the city skyline. Architecture lovers will love the minarets, domes, mosques and wind-catchers set along the front of the traditional adobe homes. Yzad is also a foodie paradise. The city is known for its sweets and has a dazzling array of candies for weary travelers. Yzad is a place where it is safe to wander, and where other tourists will be at a minimum. PENINSULA VALDES, ARGENTINA Everyone wants to travel to the Galapagos Islands to experience the most famous wildlife on earth. Despite its far-flung location, tourists flock to the Galapagos. But there are other wonderful South American experiences. Argentina’s Peninsula Valdes is just as incredible but has fewer crowds. Between June and December the Peninsula Valdes is prime whale watching territory. The beaches also have more elephant seals than any other continental location in the world. Penguin fans will delight in the more than 50,000 Magellanic penguins that live on the coast of the World Heritage-listed nature reserve. The biggest stars in the marine life pantheon that live in Argentina are the orcas, which you have certainly seen in numerous films and TV specials, all of which are filmed at Punta Norte. PICOS DE EUROPA The Alps and the Pyrenees are rightly regarded as some of the most breathtaking and charming mountains in the world. They are tourist-heavy experiences, though, and it is not necessary to head to central Europe to experience spectacular mountain ranges. Spain’s Picos de Europa, on the northwest coast, are some of the most beautiful vistas in Spain. Their limestone ranges were named “Europa” because they were often the first peaks of Europe sighted by sailors who cross the Atlantic. Hikers will marvel at the Garganta del Cares (Cares Gorge), which features stunning limestone cliffs that rise up to 1500 meters over the water below.

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