30 Ways To Use WD-40 That You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

30 Ways To Use WD-40 That You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

Here at Funnyand, we’re always looking for new tips and tricks to make our lives easier. We’ll be honest, we never really gave much thought about WD-40 in the past. In fact, most of us believed it was something handymen used in their garages.

Well, boy were we wrong! We had absolutely NO idea how many uses there were for this amazing spray. From conditioning your bike chain to peeling off bumper stickers, WD-40 might as well be considered an “elixir from the Gods.”

We did our due diligence and found over 30 ways you can use WD-40 that we’re pretty confident you had no idea existed. Personally, we were pretty blown away by #6!

30.  Separate Stuck Glassware

Image: WikiHow

Have you ever went to reach for a glass and found that the entire stack was stuck together? It can be a real pain, especially if you can’t get them apart without breaking them. Thankfully, there is a quick and easy way to get those classes unstuck. All you need to do is spray the glasses down with WD-40 and they will easily slide apart. Cheap and effective, plus you won’t have to worry about replacing the glasses.

29. Remove Your Rings

Image: The Brilliance Blog

For those of you that are married, we’re sure you’ve had trouble from time to time removing your wedding ring. You’ve tried soapy water, oil, grease and even spit, but still, that ring is stuck. Well, have you tried WD-40? All you need to do is spraying it around the ring and it will slip right off. We promise it’s not magic, it’s just the amazing power of WD-40.

28. Send Cockroaches to an Early Grave

Image: Reader’s Digest

If you’re fighting off a cockroach infestation and can’t seem to keep them at bay with normal bug sprays, it’s time to whip out the WD-40 to get the job done. Not only will WD-40 instantly kill a roach upon contact, but it will also prevent roaches from taking up residence in your home as well. Simply spray the windowsills, door frames and screens with the WD-40 and you’ll be protected from all sorts of insects including spiders and palmetto bugs!

27. Remove Chewing Gum from Hair

Image: Home Hacks

Getting chewing gum in your hair can be a really frustrating experience. Whether your kid decided to play a joke or you tried to spit it out on a windy day, gum in hair usually results in an unexpected haircut! But wait! You can save your luscious locks with a quick dab of WD-40. Apply a small amount to the impacted area, and the gum will easily slip away from the hair. Just make sure to avoid contact with your eyes…you won’t be too happy otherwise.

26. Eliminate Tough Scuff Marks

Image: WD-40 UK

Your work shoes leaving black scuff marks on your tile will soon be a thing of the past thanks to WD-40. All you need to do is spray them down and the solvents in the WD-40 will remove the tar and streaks from all of your hard-surfaced floors. Even better, you won’t have to worry about the WD-40 ruining the surface of the floor. Are you ready to get to cleaning?

25. Tea Stains Be Gone!

Image: Today Show

We’ve all had a cup of tea at one point of our lives and lifted up the cup to find a perfect ring stain on the table. Well don’t fret, all you need to do is spray it with WD-40 and the stain will easily wipe away. It’s really that simple. This remedy also works with coffee and juice stains as well.

24. Sparkling Clean Toilet Bowls

Image: Starts At 60

Most people use bleach or toilet bowl cleaner to get their toilets clean, but guess what? WD-40 works better! If you want your toilet to sparkle like the white light of a full moon, you just need to spray the bowl down with WD-40. The special solvents in the WD-40 will break down the gunk and lime stains inside the toilet bowl and leave it sparkling. We did this trick here at Funnyand and now no one wants to use the toilet because it looks so good!

23. Easy Shoe and Boot Winterproofing

Image: ShoeTease

Winterproofing your shoes and boots has never been easier if you choose to use WD-40. All you need to do is spray a layer of WD-40 over your winter boots and shoes and they’ll be waterproof for the cold season. WD-40 will also remove salt stains from your boots during the blustery winter and can help remove stains as well. This winter, don’t go anywhere without some WD-40.

22. License Plate Restoration

Image: ThoughtCo

Over time, license plates begin to rust and collect dirt and grime. If you want to restore your own to looking like it’s brand new, all you need to do is spray it down with a nice coat of WD-40.  After it’s had a moment to soak in, just wipe it off and the grime and rust will easily be removed. Who knew?

21. No More Snow Buildup on Windows

Image: The Telegraph

If you live in a state that sees quite a bit of snow during the winter months, then you know all about ice and snow buildup on your windows. Thankfully, WD-40 can easily solve this problem. If you know that a snowstorm is on the way, simply spray the windows down outside with WD-40 and the snow won’t stick! You’ll have crystal clear windows while your neighbors struggle to see through the thick layers of frost.

20. Wasp Nest Prevention

Image: StuffCoNZ

Wasps can be a real downer during the summer and spring. Thankfully, there’s a way to keep them at bay so you can enjoy the great outdoors without the fear of being stung.

You guessed it…WD-40. Just spray their nests with WD-40 and they will never return to tend to them. You can even spray the WD-40 in popular wasp hotspots and they simply won’t even start a nest. Wasp free is the way to be!

19. No More Dog Doo Issues

Image: iStockPhoto

Stepping in dog poop can throw a real wrench in your day. Not only does it smell, but trying to get it out of the nooks and crevices of the soul of your shoe can be really difficult. However, you can easily remove your dog’s not-so-pleasant feces by spraying the soles of your shoes with WD-40 and using a toothbrush to get into the hard to reach nooks. Your shoes will be poo-free in no time.

18. Glue Removal

Image: Ask Me Clean

Have you ever been working with super glue only to find that you’ve somehow glued your fingers together? Well, don’t panic! all you need to do is spray them down with some WD-40 and the solvents will get right to work breaking down the stickiness. Your fingers will be free and you don’t have to worry about amputation!

17. Loosen Problematic Zippers

Image: Survival Hax

Sometimes the zippers on our pants and jackets can prove to be quite stubborn, but WD-40 can help loosen them up and keep them from sticking. All you have to do is spray it on the zipper and pull it up and down so the WD-40 lubricates it properly. However, it’s important you avoid getting the substance on the fabric because it can ruin it. Just a word of caution.

16. Lubricate Guitar Strings

Image: Acoustic Bridge

For those of you who play the guitar, you know maintenance is an important part of the process of owning any type of instrument. WD-40 is great for cleaning and lubricating guitar strings and it will also help protect them from corrosion. Simply spray a small amount on the strings after each play session and wipe them down with a rag. You’ll be thanking us later when you’re jamming on stage.

15. Prevent Splinters in Wooden Handles

Image: Monjemanero

One of the big problems with tools that are made with wooden handles is they eventually splinter and become useless. However, there is a cheap way to prolong the life of your favorite tool and that’s with WD-40. Simply spray down the wooden handles and the WD-40 will protect the wood from excess moisture and keep it smooth and free of splinters. Now your tools will last much longer and look good as new!

14. Breaking in a New Baseball Glove

Image: On Milwaukee

Did you know that most baseball players have to break in their loves before they’re good to play? Most of the time they use neat’s-foot oil to help soften the leather, but WD-40 can work just as good if not better. All you need to do is spray down the glove and the place a baseball in it. Rubberband the glove around the baseball and let it sit overnight. The WD-40 will soften the leather and help form it to the ball. Now all you’ll need to do is wear it to get it to form to your hand.

13. Degrease Your Hands Quickly

Image: FullerTrain

If you’re a mechanic or tend to work on your car quite often then you’re used to getting greasy hands, but did you know that WD-40 can help them get clean? Just spray a small amount on your hands and then rub them together. The compounds in the WD-40 will break down the grease so it can easily be removed with a wash of warm water and soap. You won’t believe how easily the grim comes off!

12. Remove Stickers from Glass

Image: The Krazy Coupon Lady

We’re not sure why companies insist on placing stickers on glass products, but they continue to do it leaving consumers furiously trying to pick them off. Thankfully, you no longer have to scream in frustration because WD-40 is coming to the rescue! All you have to do is spray the sticker until it’s soaked through and then you’ll easily be able to peel it right off. This is because the solvents within WD-40 help penetrate the glue and dissolve its stickiness.

11. Carpet Stain Removal

Image: General Services Corporation

It can be tempting to throw your hands up in the air and give up when you get a really bad carpet stain. However, with WD-40 that stain doesn’t have to be a constant eyesore. All you need to do is spray the stain with a nice coat of WD-40 and then wait for a few minutes. Once it has had a chance to soak in, all you need to do is clean the area with some warm water and soap. Continue to repeat the process until the stain is completely gone.

10. Tough Food Stains in Fridge

Image: Food Network

Sometimes no matter how hard you scrub your fridge, some food stains just won’t come out. This is when you reach for the WD-40 and get to work. Simply spray the WD-40 on the spots where the food is holding on for dear life and then wipe it away with a sponge. It’s really that easy. Just make sure to wash off the remaining WD-40 in the fridge before restocking it. You don’t want the chemicals getting all over your food!

9. Leather Furniture Conditioning

Image: Chris Loves Julia

One of the best ways to maintain a leather couch or recliner is by conditioning and softening the leather. A great way to do this is with WD-40. All you need to do is spray it on the leather and buff it out with a soft cloth. The compounds within the WD-40 will clean the leather, penetrate its surface and keep it lubricated and protected. You’ll also love how soft it is. Are you ready to preserve your furniture for years to come?

8. Stubborn Stains Like Blood and Tomatoes

Image: LifeHack

Whether it’s your child getting blood stains on his brand new shorts after a fall or your new blouse falling victim to Grandma Nellie’s famous marinara sauce, pre-treating your clothing with WD-40 can help remove the stains and save your new clothes from the trash can! It’s best to spray the stain down when it’s fresh and then wash it like normal. The WD-40 will help lift the stain from the clothing and it will be good as new! You can also use WD-40 for lipstick stains, grease, dirt and even ink!

7. Marker and Crayon Removal

Image: The Hits

If you have kids, you’re probably familiar with crayon and marker messes. Thankfully, WD-40 is here to save the day. Now there’s no need to worry if your child used the bedroom wall for their next big art installation, simply spray down the area with WD-40 and wipe it away with a clean rag. Unlike other products, WD-40 won’t ruin your paint or wallpaper. You can also use it on other surfaces like the tile, carpet and even your furniture. Pretty awesome, right?

6. Corrosion Protection for Boats

Image: iNautica

If you’re not an avid boater you most likely didn’t know this, but WD-40 is the perfect solution to protect your boat’s finish from salt water and corrosion. After you’re out on the water, you’ll want to spray down the stern immediately with WD-40. This will not only keep your boat looking brand new, but will cut down on repair time and having to purchase replacement parts.

5. Attract Fish by Spraying on Lures

Image: iCollector

Did you know that salmon fishermen use WD-40 on their lures to help attract the salmon? According to the fisherman in the Pacific Northwest, the WD-40 eliminates the human odor that can scare off the fish and helps with increasing your catch for the day. Personally, we don’t think WD-40 would taste all that great, but we’re not salmon so what do we know?

4. Untangle Those Pesky Fishing Lines

Image: Wide Open Spaces

If you’re an avid fisherman, you understand the pain of tangled fishing lines. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be a struggle everytime you want to hit the water. All you need to do to untangle fishing line is spray it with WD-40 and use a small pin to undo any of the small knots. WD-40 has also been proven to extend the life of curled fishing lines as long as it’s not too old. Pretty neat, right?

3. Protect and Clean Golf Clubs

Image: Ritely

We had no idea here at Funnyand that WD-40 would be a golfer’s dream tool, but apparently, it works very well for protecting and cleaning your clubs. Whether you’re an amateur or pro, spraying down your clubs with WD-40 will help loosen stuck-on spikes and keep them clean throughout the game! So are you ready to tee-off?

2. Dead Bug Removal from Car Grill

Image: Tacoma World

There’s nothing worse than dead bugs trapped in the grill of your car, but thankfully there’s an easy solution–WD-40! You don’t want to leave bugs on your grill for too long because the acid in their bodies will begin to break down the paint, but a simple spray of WD-40 will do the trick! Spray those bugs down and then after five minutes you will easily be able to wipe them away. Great, right?

1. Never Worry About Stuck Spark Plugs Again

Image: NAPA Know How Blog

Most of the time you’ll replace a stuck spark plug, but with WD-40 you can save money by doing it just like they do in NASCAR! The mechanics for NASCAR always spray WD-40 on stuck spark plugs so they can be removed quickly. Already coined as NASCAR’s “official multi-purpose problem-solver,” we suggest turning to WD-40 the next time you are in spark plug trouble.

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