29 Totally awesome roller coaster photos

For a skilled photographer, perfectly timed photos are all in a days work. In this case, however, there is no quick fingered camera man hanging around the amusement park. All of these photos are either the result of the roller coaster passengers’ good timing and ingenuity or extreme misfortune. Either way, these are the 29 funniest roller coaster souvenir photos!

roller-coaster roller-coaster1 roller-coaster2 roller-coaster3 roller-coaster4 roller-coaster5 roller-coaster6 roller-coaster8 roller-coaster9 roller-coaster10 roller-coaster12 roller-coaster13 roller-coaster14 roller-coaster15 roller-coaster16 roller-coaster17 roller-coaster18 roller-coaster19 roller-coaster20 roller-coaster21 roller-coaster22 roller-coaster23 roller-coaster24 roller-coaster25 roller-coaster26 roller-coaster27 roller-coaster28 roller-coaster29 roller-coaster30

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Remi Koene
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