200 Old Stone House Transformed Into an Amazing Modern Holiday Home

200 Old Stone House Transformed Into an Amazing Modern Holiday Home

summer house Linescio

A 200 year old stone house in the village of Linescio, Switzerland, has been transformed into a marvelous summer residence by Buchner Bründler Architekten. Fascinated by the building’s archaic character, but loyal to modern design, the architects managed to create a space where the two worlds come together in perfect harmony.

Thus, while the exterior facade was left with the rugged stones that made up the original walls, the interior was completely reinvented. Actually, it is not an exaggeration to say that they have constructed a house within a house. Using lots of concrete slabs carefully brought inside through the open roof and inserted inside the existing walls, the architects managed to build a contemporary interior shell with a minimalist design approach.

The unique, calm atmosphere is intensified by the insertion of new elements, all made of concrete: the bathtub – which was designed as a recess in the floor, and the kitchen worktop with a sink integrated as a single cast form. With the help of tall wood shutters fold open to reveal the original window frames the archaic side of the stone house comes out in a natural way.

Since the house was planned to be used in the summer, there is no heating system or additional insulation; however, a minimalist fireplace was placed on the ground floor.

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