20 Celebs Actually Drunk, Hilarious Pictures!

20. Heather Locklear

Image: Wackyy

We have to admit that Heather Locklear has seen better days. Is this her trying to seem cool in her 50’s? We bet she regretted this picture the next morning.

19. Pamela Anderson

Image: Wackyy

Pamela Anderson has seen better days. No more shots girl. It’s not worth it. You already are starting to look the crypt keeper!

18. Simon Cowell

Image: Whackyy

Who knew Simon Cowell could throw back a few and actually have fun? The dude always seems so uptight telling hopeful singers they’re the worst vocalist on the planet.

17. Kevin Spacey

Image: Wackyy

With all the allegations stacking up against Kevin Spacey we have a feeling he’s looking like this more often than not. Sorry sir, you may want to put down the drinks and stop grabbing guys without their permission.

16. Tara Reid

Image: Wackyy

Tara Reid has always been a hot mess, so this is probably a typical Saturday night for her. Thankfully, she seems to recover well. You know why? She drinks Hangover Tea. A delicious blend of spices, antioxidants and herbs, this tea is the real deal when it comes to curing a hangover.

15. Paris Hilton

Image: Wackyy

It looks Paris Hilton is doing her best Leaning Tower of Pisa impression. She is so far gone she’s on her way to Never Neverland. What was in that cocktail?

14. Hangover Tea

One thing these celebrities have in common (drunk or not) is they make their health a top priority. And what’s the perfect way to cure a raging Hollywood hangover? Hangover Tea. Not only is it jam packed with antioxidants, but is filled with all-natural ingredients like milk thistle and premium-grade matcha, so you can feel your best after a long night of one too many Mai Tais.

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13. Kiefer Sutherland

Image: Wackyy

It seems Kiefer may be working too hard these days. Where’d your shirt go buddy? Celebrities behaving badly is really a whole new level of pathetic we’d have to say.

12. Jessica Simpson

Image: Jessica Simpson

This must have been taken after Jessica Simpson received her divorce papers from Nick Lachey. Now, a mother of two, we’d hope Ms. Jessica wouldn’t be out getting plastered. Although, having two kids is good reason enough if any.

11. Kelly Osbourne

Image: Wackyy

Oh, Kelly. She’s always been such a hot mess in the public eye. Drinking and paparazzi are a recipe for disaster Ms. Osbourne. Your parents should have taught you that already.

10. Britney Spears

Image: Wackyy

Oh, 2007. Such a BAD year for Britney Spears. Not only did she completely lose her mind and shave her head, but she lost all sense of fashion and style. This photo is the perfect example. Drunk, driving and looking like roadkill.

9. Beyonce

Image: Wackyy

After a couple of cocktails it looks like Beyonce can get a little aggressive when it comes to unwanted pictures. She better drink some Hangover Tea, so she can get in the right frame of mind and ward off a nasty headache the next morning.

8. Emma Watson

Image: Wackyy

Emma Watson looks way too young to be drinking in this pic, but it seems she could care less after having a few too many beers. Don’t drink and cast spells, okay?

7. Hillary Swank

Image: Wackyy

We’re not sure what Hillary Swank was thinking, but obviously the alcohol had taken over. We can’t see her flashing a group of teen boys sober.

6. Christina Ricci

Image: Wackyy

It looks like Christina Ricci could use a barf bag, stat! Those friends may be laughing now, but in a few minutes they may be covered in Wednesday Addam’s puke!

5. Miley Cyrus

Image: Wackyy

This seems like it would be a normal Monday night for Miley. That’s pretty sad once you think about it.

4. Christina Aguilera

Image: Wackyy

You can only lose to Britney Spears so many times before drowning in a vat of tequila seems like the best thing to do. Poor Christina, she could never live up to Britney.

3. Prince William

Image: Wackyy

This behavior certainly doesn’t seem becoming of a future king does it? What would Queen Elizabeth II say? And you too, Kate? Our picture-perfect image of this couple is shattered.

2. Cameron Diaz

Image: Wackyy

Wasn’t Cameron Diaz in the 1990’s a real treat? We feel bad for the person snapping this photograph. She must be a real angry drunk.

  1. Kristen Bell

Image: Wackyy

Kristen Bell always seemed like someone who would be fun at parties. It seems we were right. That shot does look pretty tasty. Care to share?

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